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By car

Veselí nad Moravou is located in Southern Moravia region in the Czech Republic close to the the Slovak borders. The easiest way to Veselí is to get to Brno or Bratislava and then take the D2 highway. You will leave the highway at the Hodonin exit and continue on the road no.55 - direction Uherské Hradiště - this road will take you directly to Veselí.


Public transportation

Bus and train connections to Veseli are easy to find at Ideal is to go by train - Veselí nad Moravou is an important railway traffic junction.


Bike Rental - Veselí nad Moravou


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Travelling across the Veselsko region by public transportation is very easy - you can choose from several means of public transportation. All necessary information about transportation and connectioons can be found at If you prefer to travel by bike you will certainly appriciate the fast growing network of bicycle paths (more in the section Tips for trips.)


Travelling by train 

From Veselí nad Moravou there is a direct connection practically to all the towns of the Slovácko region and also to Brno, the largest town in Moravia. The railway no. 340 goes from Brno to Staré město (by Uherské Hradiště), where you can easily connect to the railway corridor for Olomouc, Ostrava and Prague.

Travelling by train in the Veselsko region means mostly using the railway no. 343 going from Hodonín via Strážnice and Veselí nad Moravou to Velká nad Veličkou and further to Vrbovce (in Slovakia).

Map of the railway network can be found at:


Train station in Veselí nad Moravou

Address:                      Národních mučedníků 700, Veselí nad Moravou 698 01

GPS:                           48°56'55.996"N, 17°22'57.302"E



Travelling by bus

Travelling by bus represents an ideal means of transportation across the Veselsko region. From Veselí nad Moravou you can travel to all the villages and towns of the Veselsko region and beyond. Thanks to the integrated trasportation system of the Southmoravian region you can also combine travelling by bus and train, which makes the travelling eveb easier. The bus station in Veselí nad Moravou is located next to the train station.  


Autobusové nádraží ve Veselí nad Moravou

Address:                       Národních mučedníků 700, Veselí nad Moravou 698 01

GPS:                            48°56'57.250"N, 17°22'54.899"E




If you prefer travelling by other than public means of trasportation, you can use the services of several taxi services residing in Veselí nad Moravou. More information about taxi services in Veselí nad Moravou and contacts can be found in section Practical information - services.



The town center in Veselí nad Moravou is divided into several paid parking areas with parking slots. First hour of parking is free in all of the parking areas, however every additional hour has to be paid for. Information about actual tariffs can be found on the town website. All the chargeable parking places are marked by signs.

Outside of the town center you can park free of charge. In the vicinity of the town center there are several possibilities for free parking. This applies primarily to parking lots belonging to the shopping centers and a parking lot at the Chaloupky housing estate.

Location of the free parking lots - here.

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