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The Palace Park with its rare old trees, exotic woody species, interconnected lakes with islands and bridges, a fountain and a former peasantry is a piece of nice and interesting nature.

It has become a local tradition, especially for the families with little children, to feed ducks swimming near the bridge between both parts of the park. 

In the Palace Park we can find many innteresting buildings and structures.

Administrative building next to the Palace - a former gamekeeper’s lodge built in about 1800; then an administrative building for the palace gardener, used until the 1970s. In 1994, it was turned into the Town Gallery. Recently, the Palace owner has hired it with the intention to reconstruct it and to found a gallery and a café here. 

Orangery - a building with exotic plants and a small lake, the only surviving part of the former Palace greenhouse in the park. Built around 1799, it was used until the 1930s. Recently, the Palace owner has hired also this building with the vision to bring back its outside appearance from the period of Count Bedřích Chorinský. After the reconstruction, the Orangery should be a winter garden with fitness and a spa centre. The building is not accessible because of its technical condition and intended reconstruction.

Constructions „Na Salajcenext to the Palace, bridge over the narrow gauge railway in the park, three fascine bridges and a part of the dam in the meadows and a passage under the railway - remnants of the narrow gauge railway built by Count Viktor Chorinský. He bought a sugar factory in Moravský Písek in 1876 and had this railway built for a more convenient transport of sugar beet. First, the wagons were pulled by horses that were replaced by steam power in 1881. It served also for the transport of the count’s family and their guests. In the 1920s, the railway was extended to Tasov. This section was operated until 1947 while the transport between Veselí and Písek finished in 1945 in connection with war events. The passage under the railway next to the Kaufland Shopping Centre is used as a pedestrian passage now.

Orchestra - a musical pavilion and one of the constructions in the palace park from the first half of the 19th century. A venue for cultural events.

General Laudon Memorial - a work by Ondřej Schweigel from 1790 commemorating one of the best commanders in armed forces of Austria. Count František Jan Chorinský was Laudon´s friend and even a witness of his testament. After Laudon´s death, he had this memorial built in the palace park. 

St. Francis Courtesy - a Baroque work from the 18th century in the palace park. A courtesy with the relief of St. Francis Xaverius portraying the death of the saint.

St. Johan of Nepomuk Statue next to the Palace - the most valuable freestanding sculpture in Veselí. Obviously a work by Jan Jiří Schauberger from the first half of the 18th century.

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